Cherrywood Hair Co.

A bad website is like a bad haircut: mousse ain’t gonna fix it, honey. Just ask the ladies at Cherrywood Hair Co. Their DIY Wix site needed some TLC. It lacked cohesive design, the page content was dismal, and the booking feature needed help. Aesthetically, it didn’t feel like a salon website; in terms of function, it didn’t offer what patrons would expect. And just like you shouldn’t cut your own bangs if you don’t know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t build your own website.

Role: Research, Design, Content Creation
Project Timeframe: 2 months
Tools Used: Scissors, Clippers, Figma, Wix

hero section for cherrywood hair co home page


The salon owners wanted a soft, modern feel for their website whose voice was gender fluid. They also wanted to blend in the art gallery they used their salon walls for. Additionally, they wanted an improved online booking feature.


I came up with a brief survey to determine the types of clientele that would be interested in Cherrywood Hair Co., which was anonymously represented in the questionnaire as a trendy salon that featured the latest education in cutting and styling. The survey was shared on the Nextdoor app.

Out of 32 respondents, approximately 97% identified as female between the ages of 26 and 45. Their primary reasons for going to a salon were for cuts and color and they revealed that familiarity with a stylist was more important than cost or location.

Something like this…

cherrywood marketing persona sara


I started with a mood board to make sure the clients and I were on the same page with colors and aesthetic. I chose soft rose hues contrasted against a bold dark blue and went with a modern san serif font for ultimate gallery vibes.

cherrywood hair co mood board

I usually start with pencil and paper, but I moved straight to Figma to create low- and high-fidelity versions of the home page.

three panels showing wireframe to finished product from left to right
From left to right: medium-fidelity wireframe, high-fidelity wireframe, published page


With the design in place, I focused on the copy. In addition to having a fun, gender-fluid voice, the clients wanted to make sure the messaging spoke to their art-driven community space.

about page copy

I also worked that “fun” voice into messaging users see when they complete tasks, such as the booking confirmation screen.

booking confirmation screen

Check out the completed Cherrywood Hair Co. website.