Hi, I’m Nicolas and I want to work for you.

My love of writing and design is second only to my love of 90’s EDM.

I was a copywriter for 5 years in the payroll industry, which is about as exciting as it sounds. Currently, I’m an editor for a marketing agency and I take up freelance writing and design projects in my spare time.

All of that has taught me some great skills:

  1. Time management
  2. Making complex topics digestible
  3. Adapting to different brands
  4. Writing for the web

Let’s see, more about me…

When I was 21, I accidentally crashed my truck into a house. My parents said they couldn’t have been more disappointed in me, but then I graduated college with a degree in English.

My coworkers might say about me:

“He’s an obnoxious grammar nerd, but only when it counts.”

My college professors might say about me:

“He had so much promise.

My strengths include:

  • Knowing the appropriate time to leave someone’s gathering
  • Understanding which Golden Girl most aligns with my personal brand
  • Folding a fitted sheet without help
  • Throwing shade

What does that mean for you? I can read the room, I’m a critical thinker, I work well independently, and I have a sharp wit on a hair trigger.

Hire me.

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