morning rain

it rained quietly this morning as if the small storm was fearful of waking my neighborhood. the soft lapping of drops collecting in little streams beckoned me to observe and after a few moments of listening to it, i conceded. i made my way to the bedroom window and opened the blinds.

a woman in a poncho was walking down the sidewalk toward my house. she waved to me as i watched from my second-story window and instead of returning the gesture, i froze with the shame of having been caught spying. the shame quickly transitioned to regret as she continued past my house, increasing the gap between herself and the missed opportunity for me to have met her greeting with kindness.

the polite cacophony of rain sounds intensified with the whooshing of a car as it left a neighboring house. i backed away from the window for fear of being noticed again and went to the bedside lamp to snuff its soft light.

i laid down and was instantly greeted by oliver as he leapt quietly onto the bed. his small, furry frame landed on the sheets with barely more than a whisper and i felt the weight of each silent step as he crept toward my face to groom my forehead momentarily. he set himself down on the pillow beside me and the tiny sound of his purring insinuated itself amidst the delicate orchestra of soothing rain sounds.

i closed my eyes.

my body felt tired, but my mind was alive. i thought about the rain. i thought about work. i thought about checking my email. i thought about news headlines. i wondered if i could go back to sleep again. thunder rumbled softly in the distance.

deep, slow breaths.

my mind turned to the woman in the poncho and i couldn’t help but wonder if she thought i was rude. i got up to check my email.

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